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Souvlaki Santorini

Taste the most delicious souvlaki and gyros in Santorini

Nestled in the stunning beauty of Santorini, ILIOS BAKERY beckons food enthusiasts to journey through the rich flavors of Greece. Renowned for our delectable souvlaki and gyros, we invite you to savor the essence of Greek delicacies like never before. Explore the culinary wonders of Greece at ILIOS BAKERY.

Exploring the Wonderful Greek Food

When you step into ILIOS BAKERY, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the lively streets of authentic Greek cuisine. Our menu is all about celebrating traditional Greek cuisine, with a special focus on two popular favorites: souvlaki and gyros.

Savor the Delicious Gyros Offerings

Here at ILIOS BAKERY, we believe that a meal isn’t complete without a satisfying helping of gyros. Enjoy our mouthwatering gyro portions, available in both pork and chicken options. Each portion is expertly prepared to ensure a perfect balance of flavors that will have your taste buds rejoicing.

If you’re looking for a mix of flavors, you have to try our mixed gyros portion. It combines juicy pork and savory chicken for a delicious taste in every bite. Served with soft souvlaki pita, crispy fries, and fresh tomatoes, this meal is fit for royalty.

Discover Unique Gyros Creations at ILIOS BAKERY

At ILIOS BAKERY, we love to experiment with Greek cuisine. That’s why we have a variety of creative gyros options that will excite your palate.

Give our gyros pork or chicken wrapped in a soft tortilla a try. Packed with delicious flavors and coziness, it’s the ideal quick meal for those on the move exploring the wonders of Santorini.
If you’re craving something more substantial, go for our gyros pork or chicken nestled in freshly baked sandwich bread. Each bite offers a delightful mix of textures and tastes, creating a memorable dining experience.

Our establishment is not just a place to eat; it is a place where lasting memories are created and flavors are sure to delight. With a cozy and welcoming ambiance and a dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients, every detail of your meal is designed to guarantee your utmost enjoyment.

Come visit ILIOS BAKERY and experience why we are known as the top spot for delicious souvlaki and gyros on the beautiful island of Santorini. Whether you’re a dedicated food lover or just in the mood for some authentic Greek flavors, we guarantee a memorable dining experience that will have you returning for more.

Greek Gyros from Pork or Chicken - Greek Food in Santorini

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