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Enjoy a Delicious Brunch

Are you looking for an elegant,  delicious spot in Santorini? You are in the right place. 

Located in Imerovigli, Ilios Bakery is not just a traditional Greek bakery specializing in freshly made bread, desserts, pastries. Still, it is more of an all-day restaurant with bar choices.

Quality of Ingredients - Preparation

At Ilios Bakery, every day, all food is made from scratch with fresh ingredients. During the day, Ilios bakery menu offers something for everyone, from coffee to classic Greek omelets to hearty breakfast sandwiches loaded with smoked salmon, avocado, olives.

Value for Money

The prices at Ilios Bakery are very reasonable, given the quality of food served here. All dishes are reasonably priced, so everyone can enjoy a delicious brunch without breaking the bank.

Customer Service

In addition to serving up delicious dishes, the staff at Ilios Bakery provides excellent customer service. Everyone who enters the door is greeted with a warm welcome, which adds to the overall dining experience. ⁠             

Ilios Bakery also features an outdoor seating area where guests can relax all day long, enjoying the breathtaking view of the island while they dine.

Why us?

For tourists visiting this beautiful island, Ilios Bakery is a must-stop! This place is well known for its delicious selection of coffee, baked goods, pastries, cakes, bread. 

Our menu is a delicious mix of classic Greek pastries, but also you can enjoy our cafe espresso, cafe cappuccino, cafe fredoccino, cafe freddo espresso, or cafe freddo cappuccino.

So don't search further;

If you’re looking for the most important meal of the day in Santorini, look no further than the Ilios bakery. 

The reasonable prices make it excellent value for money, while the staff provides exceptional friendly, welcoming service.

Guests can also enjoy all day the breathtaking view of the island all from their outdoor seating area, ensuring an experience unlike any other!

Whether you’re looking to eat with family, friends, or that special someone, this is a must-try.

Breakfast Menu
Ilios bakery breakfast
Taste the best breakfast in Santorini
Waffles with Nutella and ice cream

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Ilios Bakery is open 24/7 all year round .

Yes, Ilios Bakery has a beautiful outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your breakfast in the sunshine.
Yes, Ilios Bakery offers a variety of vegan options, including a vegan falafel and a vegan breakfast burger.
Yes, Ilios Bakery offers a variety of gluten-free options, including a gluten-free croissant and a gluten-free breakfast sandwich.
No, Ilios Bakery accepts credit cards as well as cash.

Food Suggestions

Healthy Brunch: Greek Yogurt with Fruits
Breakfast Menu
Salmon Sandwich
Ilios Bakery
Waffles with Nutella and ice cream
Ilios Bakery - Breakfast Delivery
Eggs with toast bread

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